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Energy Independence and Environmental Protection

Green Field

About us

The EEI1 team has been present on the renewable energy market for over 10 years in biogas and biomethane projects. Our team includes lawyers, managers, financiers and engineers. We have implemented and managed numerous biogas projects in Great Britain, Scandinavia and Central Europe. Thanks to our team of specialists, we ensure that the entire process of implementation and commissioning of the project is carried out, including:


  • Choosing an appropriate site,

  • Selection of substrates,

  • Obtaining enviromental and construction permits,

  • Project development,

  • Construction oversight,

  • Commissioning and O&M services.

What we do

We know the challenge for local communities to ensure the ecological disposal of organic waste.


We know how valuable it is for everyone to gain energy independence.


We know how difficult it is to find funds for the above purposes.


We know the answer to all these challenges.

Biogas plants, which are created with the involvement of our partners, ensure the conversion of organic waste, including municipal, food and agricultural waste, into energy that can be used by local communities. Waste disposal is carried out in accordance with the highest global environmental protection standards. Thanks to this, it is not burdensome for residents, and the acquired electricity, gas or heat can be used for heating houses, supplying energy to public facilities or even means of transport. Importantly, the investments take place without the involvement of the local community's money, because we finance the entire project. We propose a solution that provides:

Energy Optimization Investments

We analyze your current energy situation and work out the optimal solution for your business from the point of view of energy independence. Our team is able to provide you with:


• Unique Model Optimally Matching Your Energy Needs

• Obtaining an Environmental Decision and a Building Permit

• Installation Design

• Construction and commissioning of the Installation

• Obtaining Substrates

• Installation management and maintenance

• Assistance with construction financing


Our approach is to share profits / savings with our Partner. How do you earn, we also do it tez. 

Our Projects

The current global situation places great emphasis on energy independence and the search for renewable gas sources. Together with our partners, we are currently implementing the following biogas projects:


Project 1: Pomeranian Voivodeship, target 12 tons / day of eLNG

Project 2: Opolskie Voivodeship, target 12 tons / day of eLNG



As specialists in the field of energy production from renewable sources, we participate in working groups for the development of biogas and biomethane at the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

raw materials rolnice.png

Agricultural Raw Materials

Screenshot 2022-08-07 221153_edited.png

Agricultural and Bio Waste

Screenshot 2022-08-07 215814.png


  • 7 projects

  • Total power 7MW

  • Substrate used: slurry / manure (pig, cattle), silage (maize, grass)

  • 4 projects in progress

  • Bio-LNG production, ultimately 12 tons / day / project

  • RED list II substrates, Annex IX

  • Manure production

  • 11 locations

  • Cooperation with an international partner

  • Bio-LNG production

  • RED list II substrates, Annex IX

Completed projects


Biogas Plant Hochfranken, Germany



32,000 t/a, organic municipal and other waste


1 x 330kW Jenbacher CHP + 1 x 637kW Jenbacher CHP


TanERGY® Plant Südleder, Germany

2 2.jpg

TanERGY® Plant Südleder, Germany



70,000 t / a

Organic tannery waste




2 x 637kW + 330kW Jenbacher CHP


Agricultural Waste Biogas Plant Alibunar, Serbia



60,000 t / a: Animal faeces, yeast waste, grapes, energy crops



 3 x 1200kW Jenbacher CHP

We are in the process of developing over 20 projects all over Poland




Contact & Cooperation 

We encourage local partners to establish cooperation with us. If you have problems with waste disposal, want to create new jobs, get cheaper energy and obtain profitable investments in your area - please contact us.

Contact Us

Contact and cooperation

EEI 1 Sp. z o. o


Al. Matejki 2c/3

50-335, Wroclaw

NIP: 898-219-6077

KRS: 0000396481

REGON: 021715731

Tel. + 48-662-032-430

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